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How do I apply for a scholarship?
Scholarship applications vary with the specific program for which you are applying. The Barberton Community Foundation Cum Laude Scholarship and specific Fund Scholarships for Barberton High School students have no additional application besides the school’s common application form but requires awarded students to submit a variety of administrative items by the deadline for scholarship distribution. The Barberton Community Foundation Resident Scholarship, Adult Back to School Scholarship, and Magic Scholarship for Teachers have their own specific paper applications forms that must be submitted.
How do I know if I am eligible for the Barberton Community Foundation Cum Laude scholarship?
In addition to meeting the 4-year residency requirement.

Eligibility for the Cum Laude Scholarship is determined by Barberton High School, using the cum laude rating system. All students who meet academic eligibility criteria will receive an award.

Summa Cum Laude

Award: $1,000 (freshman year), $1,000 (sophomore year), $1,500 (junior year) and $2,000 (senior year)
3.75 GPA with 12-23 points or
3.5 GPA with 16+ points

Magna Cum Laude

Award: $1,000 (freshman year), $1,000 (sophomore year), $1,500 (junior year) and $2,000 (senior year)
3.75 GPA with 12-23 points or
3.5 GPA with 16+ points

Cum Laude

Award: $1,000 (freshman year), $1,000 (sophomore year), $1,500 (junior year) and $2,000 (senior year)
3.75 GPA with 0-11 points or
3.5 GPA with 12-15 points or
3.25 GPA with 16+ points

If you have questions about these rankings, please contact your high school guidance counselor.

Can I renew my scholarship?
The only scholarships with the opportunity to renew are the Cum Laude Scholarship, ACT Achiever Scholarship, and the Barberton Community Foundation Resident Scholarship. These scholarships are available for up to 4 years total. To renew, students must submit official transcripts reflecting a cumulative 2.5 average grade point average by September 30 of each year.
How will I be notified of my scholarship?
Students who provide their email address on the Common Application Form or to the Foundation will receive notification of their scholarship via that email. Students should be very selective as to what address they provide, ensuring they receive prompt notification. For high school students, we highly recommend providing the email address of a parent, if that account is more regularly checked. Additionally, Barberton Community Foundation High School Scholarships and Barberton Community Foundation Resident Scholarships will be published on our website. Students will first be notified of their award at the scholarship reception held in May of each year.
How do I claim my scholarship?
Although many of our scholarships list very similar processes for claiming the scholarship, it is best to refer to the scholarship award letter or the scholarship description for details about claiming your specific scholarship. Many scholarships require items and documentation to be sent to the Foundation before a scholarship payment can be made. Contact us with questions.
How and where should I send the items required for my scholarship?
Make sure that all documentation has the name of the student, student ID number as well as the institution name. Some computer print-outs do not show one or either of these items, depending on how they are formatted.
Where do I send the required items?
Please send the required items to:
Scholarships, Attn: Carrie Herman
460 West Paige Avenue
Barberton, Ohio 44203
What happens to my scholarship if I fail to submit the required materials?
All documentation is the responsibility of the student to acquire and submit. Scholarships will be canceled if documentation is not submitted.
Where is scholarship money sent?
Scholarship funds are sent directly to the institution – not to the student.
How will the scholarship appear on my bursar account?
The scholarship is sent with instructions to divide it evenly among sessions. Some schools will apply the entire amount all at once. It will generally show up on the student account as either “Outside Scholarship” or “Barberton Community Foundation Scholarship”.
Why don’t I see my scholarship applied to my account?
It may take the institution several weeks to process the check.
When is scholarship money sent?
From mid-July to early October checks are sent once a week.
For what types of expenses can my scholarship be used?
Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, on-campus room and board and general fees. Funds may NOT be used for books.
I am interested in starting a scholarship fund or have a client who wants to establish one. What do I do?
Contact Barberton Community Foundation by phone 330-745-5995.