Become a Friend of the Foundation

Barberton Community Foundation is seeking candidates to serve as “Friends of the Foundation.” The candidates must be a current resident of Barberton, work in Barberton or volunteer in Barberton.

“Friends of the Foundation” play a significant role in the success of the Foundation. They are expected to actively participate in many areas of the organization’s work, which may include:
• Serve on committees as a voting member, as requested
• Assist with special events
• Be an ambassador for the Foundation
• Provide knowledge and assistance with donor outreach

We are seeking candidates who could bring knowledge and expertise in one or more of the following categories of need and possibly broaden our diversity:
• Experienced entrepreneur with innovative visionary mind-set for the future;
• Professional or entrepreneur experience in commercial and residential real estate and/or economic development;
• A public health professional or administrator;
• Professional experience in health and wellness;
• Experience with developing or professionally serving in education, arts, or in a social services area;
• Professional experience serving in the investment or financial services industry.

Friends are encouraged to attend Board of Director meetings, and will adhere to the same protocol offered to guests.

Friends may also be considered as potential Directors for the Foundation Board as vacancies occur within certain areas of need.

The deadline to apply is August 7, 2020.

If you are interested in becoming a candidate for the “Friends of the Foundation,” please send a cover letter and resume by email to Suzanne Allen, Ph.D., Executive Director, Barberton Community Foundation at or call 330-745-5995 should you have any questions.

Nominate a 2020 Game Changer

It’s that time of year again! The annual Game Changer Award is open and accepting nominations through August 1.

So far, 2020 has been unforgettable for many reasons. Help us identify those individuals and organizations who deserve recognition for an exceptional response to an exceptional year.


Nominees should be an individual or an organization that has made a positive impact in Barberton through their leadership, vision and/or commitment to the community. Positive impact is placed into four categories: community image, educational excellence, economic development, and social service. Finally, they should be connected to the community through their work, volunteerism, or by residency.


The Game Changer award is traditionally presented during Barberton Community Foundation’s annual dinner. Due to COVID-19, the Foundation has decided not to hold the annual dinner for the health and safety of our community. A recognition video will be made to honor award recipients.

Process and evaluation:

The application window is open until August 1. A committee, consisting of a cross section of citizens from Barberton, reviews all nominations and makes a selection by the end of August.

Barberton Community Foundation