Grant Partners

We envision an improved quality of life for Barberton residents, now and forever.

Grant Partners

Barberton Community Foundation values our nonprofit partners for their hard work and the direct impact they have on our community. Together we will build a better Barberton.

2022 Grant Summary

Total Grants

Dollars for the Year

Different Grant Partners

Cycle 1

Education and Workforce & Economic Development 


13 Grants Totaling $119,244.14

Cycle 2

Health and Wellness


13 Grants Totaling $133,535.00

Cycle 3

Arts and Community


6 Grants Totaling $97,244.14

2022 Small Grant Summary

Small Grants

Dollars for the Year

Different Grant Partners

Cycle 1: Education and Workforce & Economic Development

Tri-County JOG – $26,500

Tri-County JOG was awarded $26,500 for their program, Municipality Workforce Development for Barberton Youth, which will provide municipality employment opportunities for Barberton High School juniors and seniors.

Red Oak Behavioral Health – $13,000

Red Oak Behavioral Health received $13,000 for summer programming in partnership with Lake Anna YMCA.

National Inventors Hall of Fame – $10,000

Camp Invention, a popular summer program organized by the National Inventors Hall of Fame, received $10,000 to provide financial support to Barberton students who would like to attend the camp.

Child Guidance & Family Solutions – $10,000

Child Guidance & Family Solutions received $10,000 for their Toddlers and Preschoolers Succeeding program (TAPS) which improves kindergarten readiness and reduces preschool expulsion rates in four Barberton preschools annually. TAPS helps preschools focus on children’s social-emotional needs by providing trauma-informed approaches, classroom management techniques and embedded social-emotionalmodels.

SCORE Akron – $5,000

The Akron-Barberton Community Workforce Development program, managed by SCORE Akron, received $5,000 to assist with their mentoring and educational workshops for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio – $5,000

The Foundation supported JA programming through Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio with a $5,000 grant to provide support for JA’s K-12 programming, which focuses on financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness.

United Way of Summit and Medina – $5,000

United Way of Summit & Medina received $5,000 for their Financial Empowerment Center’s services for Barberton residents. The Center estimates they will serve 75 residents through free financial empowerment programming, including financial coaching, tax preparation and banking assistance.

International Soap Box Derby – $4,000

The International Soap Box Derby received $4,000 to continue their SBD Mini Car STEM program with Barberton City School elementary students and to provide materials for middle school students’ gravity racing challenge.

Barberton City Schools – $40,720.87

  • The High School Theatre Department received $20,000 to upgrade the theatre sound and lighting boards. Upgrades will benefit both the school and community groups who use the theater.
  • Barberton Primary School received $7,452.25 for building a Magical Reading Nook for students to read under the stairs in a cozy environment.
  • Barberton City Schools eSports received $5,671.70 to purchase two additional computers for student players. The program has a waiting list for players and is fundraising for team jerseys.
  • The Foundation awarded $4,800 to the new Barberton Intermediate for t-shirts for the staff and students to support community and pride.
  • The schools received $2,796.92 for Learning under the Lights, which is a springtime reading and math event.

In 2022, the Barberton Community Foundation supported the National Inventors Hall of Fame® in providing the Camp Invention® program for local Barberton students. Each year, the Camp Invention summer program provides relevant, robust STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) experiences, encouraging students to engage in exciting, hands-on innovation and identify diverse role models – National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees. While early exposure to high-quality innovation and STEM-based programs can be integral to students’ futures, not every student can access these programs. The Barberton Community Foundation understands the impact of programs like Camp Invention, and with a 2022 grant, helped support equal program access for Barberton students.

Marissa Metze

Director, Major Gifts, National Inventors Hall of Fame

On behalf of our Barberton City school family, I want to thank the Barberton Community Foundation for listening to our needs and providing funding for many outstanding programs for our students and families. These programs provide many opportunities to our children and families.  Without the support of the Community Foundation our children and families may not have the chance to have these wonderful experiences. We are grateful for our close partnership and all that the Barberton Community Foundation provides to our schools and community.

Jeff Ramnytz

Superintendent, Barberton City Schools

Cycle 2: Health and Wellness

Akron Canton Regional Food Bank – $7,500

Akron Canton Regional Food Bank received $7,500 to support costs associated with the monthly Barberton Direct Distribution, which provides access to healthy food at no cost for Barberton residents. This funding equates to a provision of 14,400 lbs. of food.

AxessPointe – $15,000

AxessPointe received $15,000 for their Patient Assistance Fund, which will cover costs such as prescription copays, provide groceries, hygiene items and cleaning items. Funding will help AxessPointe ensure that underserved and low-income individuals receive crucial primary and preventative care.

Ben Curtis Family Foundation – $5,000

Ben Curtis Family Foundation received $5,000 to support their Birdie Bags program. This program continues to serve 1,400 to 1,500 Barberton children once each month with take-home bags containing six nonperishable meals, four snacks and personal hygiene essentials.

City of Barberton – $25,000

The City of Barberton received grants for two separate parks projects. Tuscora Park received $15,000 to support six new pickleball courts and Breitenstine Park received $10,000 toward renovating the tennis courts.

Embracing Futures, Inc. – $6,000

Embracing Futures, Inc. received $6,000 to support their Orthodontic Care program, which supports low-income families by providing braces for children with severe orthodontic problems.

Girls on the Run – $10,000

Girls on the Run received $10,000 to provide scholarships for girls interested in participating during the fall 2022 and spring 2023 seasons. Funding will also support the purchase of athletic shoes and coaching stipends.

Greenleaf Family Center – $5,000

Greenleaf Family Center received $5,000 to support school-based suicide prevention services to approximately 2,000 Barberton middle and high school students.

The Humane Society of Summit County – $10,000

The Humane Society of Summit County received $10,000 to provide services for pet owners in the Barberton community through their MABEL clinic.

IBH Addiction Recovery – $7,500

IBH Addiction Recovery received $7,500 for group and individual counseling for Barberton clients with substance use disorder. Clients receive counseling at every level of care which includes residential, day, intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment.

Rape Crisis Center – $2,535

The Foundation supported the Rape Crisis Center with $2,535 for their program, Responding to Victims in Barberton community. Funding supports victims of domestic/family/intimate partner abuse and/or sexual violence.

Summa Health – Barberton Campus – $25,000

$25,000 was awarded to Summa Health – Barberton Campus to support the purchase of a new CT machine, supporting cardiac care, stroke therapy and more.

Victim Assistance Program – $15,000

Victim Assistance Program was awarded $15,000 for their Barberton Victim Advocacy Program, which serves victims of crime and trauma. The program is located within the Barberton Municipal Court.

Child food insecurity is a growing problem here in our community. When children aren’t in school they don’t always know where their next meal is going to come from. With the help of the Barberton Community Foundation we are able to provide just over 1,400 Birdie Bags each month to send home with students over long weekends through the school year as well as a summer feeding program. Each Birdie Bag contains nine meals, six snacks and a travel size toiletry kit. We are thankful for the support of the Barberton Community Foundation, the Barberton School district and the entire Barberton Community for their support of our program.

Candace Curtis

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Ben Curtis Family Foundation

Cycle 3: Arts and Community

Barberton Parks & Recreation – $15,000

Barberton Parks & Recreation received $15,000 to support many of Barberton’s favorite special events, accessible programming and use of neighborhood parks through 2023.

CareStar Community Services – $23,744.14

CareStar Community Services received $23,744.14 to provide wraparound services to Barberton school students and their families. The program will consist of community health worker services, including home visits to help families connect with appropriate healthcare, mental health and social services in the community.

Habitat for Humanity of Summit County – $15,000

Habitat for Humanity of Summit County received $15,000 for their 2023 Neighborhood Reborn Initiative. This program supports Habitat for Humanity’s first Neighborhood Reborn project in Barberton. This program blends private home repairs with a neighbor-led public space cleanup to transform and revitalize several street blocks over two days.

Magical Theatre Company – $25,000

The Foundation awarded $25,000 to Magical Theatre Company for their program, Performing Arts Can Teach. This program supports resident performances at Magical Theatre for Barberton City School students and traveling performances to the schools.

United Way of Summit & Medina – $3,500

United Way of Summit and Medina received $3,500 to continue their 2-1-1 Information and Referral Services for Barberton Residents. 2-1-1 is a free, 24/7 helpline and website that assists residents to navigate health and social services available in Summit County. In 2021, more than 3,500 Barberton residents used 2-1-1 for referrals to services or resources.

White Rabbit Galleries – $15,000

The Foundation awarded $15,000 to White Rabbit Galleries for a monthly series of events that invite the public to create art projects with their family or friends, along with artist meetups to encourage growth of an artist community in Barberton.

Barberton Community Foundation is making unbelievable things happen for the kids in our community. Because BCF is sending kids to Magical Theatre Company, young eyes are being open to a world of possibilities, to an understanding of those unlike themselves, to caring for a larger community, and for expanding their own capacity to create.

Dennis O'Connell

Co-Producing Director, Magical Theatre Company

Small Grants

$2,000 or Less



Barberton City Schools

To purchase school supplies through the Magics Ready to Learn fundraiser.

Barberton City Schools

For hams for families in their Hope for the Holidays program.

Barberton Elementary School

So that every kindergartner has a t-shirt for Purple Pride Fridays.

Barberton Elementary School

To purchase books for a Magical Reading event to teach parents techniques for reading to their young children.

Barberton Intermediate School

For Weekday Warriors, an after-school club focused on promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Barberton Intermediate School

To start a Leather Crafts Club.

Barberton High School

To purchase whiteboards for their Building Thinking Classrooms program.

Barberton High School Golf Team

From the Jeep Davis Olympic Hopeful Fund for tournament registration costs and hosting two golf clinics.

Destination Imagination

Toward fees for their global tournament.

Destination Imagination

For the global tournament from the Harnden Family Fund for Academic Excellence.

Victim Assistance

To purchase computers for use through the Barberton Advocacy Program at Barberton Municipal Court.

Family & Community Services

To support additional Mobile Meals to Barberton residents.

Barberton Diamond Sports

For the care and maintenance of 4 fields for youth players and fixing a lawn mower.

Barker Center

From the Stefan-Lightner Endowment Fund to support 120 11th grade students to participate in a day-long financial literacy boot camp at the University of Akron.

Coalition of Concerned Citizens

To support operations at their weekly soup kitchen.

Barberton High School Class of 1967 City Improvement Fund

In matching funds toward their fundraiser for Magical Theatre Company.

St. Augustine

For their Loads of Love laundry program, which provides free laundry services monthly to residents.

Portage Path Behavioral Health

To support EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) training for clinical staff in the Barberton Clinic.

Barberton Public Library

For a media transfer station in a new makerspace, that includes a space where community members can digitize their photos, negatives, slides, audio and video recordings.