Student Scholarships

Barberton Community Foundation High School Scholarship

Barberton Community Foundation’s High School Scholarship program was implemented in 1997 to assist Barberton High School graduates reach their educational goals. As one of the Foundation’s signature community investment programs, the program recognizes students’ academic achievement and helps propel promising students into the pursuit of higher education.

All students considered for a Barberton Community Foundation High School Scholarship must first meet a four year Barberton residency requirement. Students who do not meet the residency requirement are not eligible for a scholarship from Barberton Community Foundation.

All students who are selected for a scholarship or meet Cum Laude Scholarship eligibility requirements will be notified via email (if provided) or a letter in the mail.

It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to discover and complete the list of requirements for scholarship distribution. Scholarship funds can only be used to attend an accredited, not-for-profit school.

How to Claim Your Barberton Community Foundation High School Scholarship

Barberton Community Foundation works closely with Barberton High School. We ask that students refer questions regarding their specific scholarship to Carrie Herman, Director of Community Impact. Please give us a call at 330-745-5995 or email her directly at


Requirements for Scholarship Distribution:

  • Acknowledge your scholarship award(s) with a thank you letter to Barberton Community Foundation (TIPS)
  • Attend the BCF reception introducing scholarship recipients to stakeholders, business owners and professionals in the community (TBA)
  • Provide name and address for your chosen educational institution where the funds should be sent
  • Provide Student ID number, as assigned by your chosen educational institution
  • Complete a receipt of award checklist
  • Complete a FERPA form


Scholarship funds will be sent directly to the institution with instructions to divide the amount evenly among sessions.

Download a Receipt of Award Checklist

ACT Achiever Scholarship

The ACT Achiever Scholarship provides 3 awards of $1,000 to selected BHS students who are not awarded a Barberton Community Foundation Cum Laude Scholarship, but received a score of 21 or higher on the ACT Test. This award can be used to pursue a non-degree certificate or license in a vocational or technical program that is 3 months to 2 years, in addition to seeking a associate’s or bachelor’s degree. To be eligible for this award, students must apply through the Barberton High School Common Application Form provided by the guidance office. This award is competitive, with past attendance records, declared college intent and Pell Grant eligibility considered. The ACT Achiever Scholarship can be received in combination with Character and Talent Scholarships and or the First Generation Scholarship.

The ACT Achiever Scholarships are renewable for up 3 additional years. Students must submit official transcripts reflecting a cumulative 2.5 average grade point average by September 30 of each year.

First Generation Scholarship

The First Generation Scholarship provides additional awards of up to $1000 to selected first generation college students receiving a Barberton Community Foundation Scholarship (Cum Laude or ACT Achiever). A first generation student is defined as being the first in the family, either biological, custodial or guardian to receive a bachelors degree. To be eligible for this award, students must apply through the Barberton High School Common Application Form provided by the guidance office, received a 21 or above on the ACT Test, and be awarded one of the Barberton Community Foundation Scholarships.

*First Generation Scholarships are non-renewable.

Barberton Community Foundation Resident Scholarship

The Barberton Community Foundation Resident Scholarship is for Barberton residents who are graduating high school at an institution other than Barberton High School and includes home schooled students. Scholarships up to $1,000 per student are awarded and are renewable for an additional three years if eligibility is met. All students considered for a Barberton Community Foundation Resident Scholarship must first meet a four year Barberton residency requirement and have received a 21 or higher on the ACT. This award is competitive, with financial need, academic achievement, attendance record, well defined academic goals, written communications skills, and recommendations considered.

Criteria and Requirements:

  • Not attending Barberton High School
  • Applicants must prove Barberton residency for a minimum of 4 years
  • Received a 21 or higher on the ACT Test
  • Ensure all pieces of your application are complete and submitted, including transcripts, letter of recommendations etc. by the deadline


Applications are accepted starting January of every year and are due usually mid March.

Download Application

For more information, contact Barberton Community Foundation at 330-745-5995.

Fund Scholarships

Assisting our youth with their dreams is an emotional and heartfelt journey. For many of our donors, an endowed fund scholarship is the way they honor the memory of loved ones. These funds distribute each year a stated percentage of the principal value of the fund for student scholarships and may be funded with contributions from a number of donors, an individual donor, or a family of donors.

Every year we see the future in our scholarship recipients and every year we connect the past to the present.

Fund Scholarships application process is administered through Barberton High School’s Common Scholarship Application Form. This form is usually available in February from the guidance office and must be completed by the stated deadline. Where indicated, scholarships available to students already attending college will have a link to the separate application form.

Join our commitment to educational excellence through the establishment of your own fund or through a donation to these very worthy endeavors listed below.

AAA Barberton/Ohio Auto Club Scholarship Fund

In 2003, the Fund Committee of the Ohio Automobile Club, which is made up of corporate members from the Barberton membership area along with the Ohio Automobile Club’s Executive Committee, used part of the charitable contribution fund to establish this fund at the Barberton Community Foundation. The fund distributes up to seven scholarships per year to Barberton High School graduates and Barberton residents who are currently in a higher education program. Preference is given to vocational and technical degrees, though the program is open to any major.
Download AAA College Application Form

Thomas L. Angerer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Thomas L. Angerer was born September 5th, 1960. He lived all his childhood in Barberton, OH, attending Woodford Elementary School, U.L. Light Junior High, Barberton High School (class of 1978) and The Ohio State University (Class of 1982). He was a business major and spent most of his career in management and finance in the Columbus area. The Fund was started by the Angerer family in memory of their beloved son, husband and father after his passing in 2006.

A.O. Austin Engineering Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Arthur Oswin Austin, one of the most significant and innovative leaders in the history of Barberton. Started by Martha A. Gormley in memory of her father, the fund assists outstanding Barberton High School graduates majoring in the traditional Engineering disciplines of Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Industrial, or Chemical Engineering.

Barberton Alumni Physician Scholarship Fund

This scholarship assists eligible students pursuing a degree in nursing, pre-med, or medical students, as well as students majoring in the allied health professional fields.

Barberton Band Boosters’ Henda Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund

Assists the Band Boosters in funding its scholarship program, which is designed to assist Barberton High School students with the costs associated with post high school education.

Barberton Community Foundation Board of Directors Scholarship Fund

Assists Barberton High School graduates with the cost of college. The recipient of this scholarship will be a student who has demonstrated an ability to improve as a student over the course of their high school career.

BCF First Generation Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is awarded to first-generation college students, defined as being the first in their family to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Barberton Community Foundation Resident Scholarship
Barberton Elks Lodge 982 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Assists Barberton High School students with the cost of college. The fund was established when the local Elks Lodge decided to disband, thereby providing Barberton students with scholarship opportunities.

Barberton High School Alumni Scholarship Fund

Assists Barberton High School graduates with the cost of college.

Barberton Tree Service Scholarship

In honor of Keith Luck, this scholarship will assist a student pursuing a trade. Recipient must have maintained outstanding attendance during high school, participated in extra-curricular activities and volunteer in and out of school.

Barberton PTA Council Scholarship
Barberton PTA Muffet Family Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was originally established with the PTA Council by the Muffet family in memory of Dennis Muffet. In 2004, the Muffet Family and the PTA Council transferred the scholarship fund to the Barberton Community Foundation and re-established it in memory of all members of the Muffet family, including Dennis Muffet, Tom Muffet and Mary Muffet, who are long-time supporters of Barberton Schools and Barberton PTA.

Harry J. Bauschlinger Memorial Scholarship Fund

Harry Bauschlinger dedicated his life to making a difference in the Barberton community through his roles as a teacher, coach and public official on Barberton’s City Council. He was a mentor to many and respected by everyone he met. Established by the family of Harry Bauchlinger from community donations made in his memory, this scholarship assists a Barberton High School graduate majoring in education.

Karen Lee Burnette Scholarship Fund

Established in the memory of Karen Lee Burnette a former educator and long-time resident of Barberton. She was a caring, loving and giving person, always thinking of others before herself. The scholarship will be given to a Barberton High School senior who is a resident of the City of Barberton. Priority will be given to hardworking and dedicated students with a minimum 2.0 GPA who are involved in activities/service to the school and/or community.

Emilio C. Chu, M.D. Nursing Scholarship Fund

Assists Barberton residents majoring in nursing.

Cianciola/Macko Scholarship Fund

Established in 2014, this fund was established by Sue Macko Cianciola in memory of her late husband Donato F. Cianciola, her father Joseph S. Macko and her mother, Josephine A. Macko in order to assist Barberton youth in reaching their higher education goals.

James A. and Juleen Colombo Scholarship Fund

The Fund was created by Juleen Colombo in memory of her husband James who was a Barberton school teacher. The purpose of this fund is to award scholarships to qualifying Barberton High School seniors majoring in elementary education.

Bill and Kim Eberhardt Special Education Scholarship

This scholarship is designated for students who have declared a major in a field which may provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Genet Family Leadership Scholarship

Established in 2010, the Genet Family Leadership Scholarship recognizes young men and women who utilize their life experiences, abilities, and skills to lead others and make a difference for the community in which they live. Applicants are asked to submit a one-page essay on “What it Means to Be a Leader.” This scholarship aids Barberton High School graduates who have shown leadership in their school and community through volunteer work and other initiatives.

Dr. Douglas A. Gormley Scholarship Fund

Assists Barberton High School graduates with fulfilling their scholastic dreams. The fund was established by Dr. Doug Gormley, who wanted to honor the excellent education he received at Barberton City Schools through a gift in support of a deserving student.

Matthew Kerr Scholarship Fund

In memory of Matthew Kerr, this scholarship will assist Barberton residents with their higher education aspirations.

Leach Family Scholarship Fund

Assists Barberton High School graduates with the cost of attending college and started by siblings Harley and Wilma in memory of their parents.

Ray E. Leach, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ray Sr. was a self-made man who was always helping others. He believed that everyone should have the opportunity to follow their passion and do what they do best. This scholarship is designed to remember Ray Sr. in his belief of a brighter future, to further students’ talents and help them financially, no matter their passion.

The Liddle Family First Generation Scholarship Fund

The Liddle family established this fund in 2014 to benefit students who are Barberton residents and the first generation in their family to attend college. Denny Liddle was the first to pursue higher education in his family, and influenced his younger cousins and family members to attend college as well. With this scholarship, the Liddle family celebrates the hurdles overcome and the work of a trailblazing student who has set a new standard for education in their family.

Reflecting on his decision to attend college, Denny asked that scholarship recipients recognize that they are leading by their actions. “Remember that you are an example to others,” he said. “I always hoped that my own children would go to college because I was able to set that precedent and they could see me as a role model for their decisions.”

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Lois and Gary Matney Scholarship Fund

This fund assists Barberton High School graduates with the cost of higher education in the field of registered nursing. Established in 2001 recognizing the couple as Citizens of the Year by the Foundation, it is in memory of Nellie Welty Rouch, R.N., the mother of Lois Matney.

Bonnie Joyce Myers Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund is a tribute to Bonnie Meyers’s love for education and assists Barberton High School graduates majoring in Secondary Education or Career and Technical Education (two-year associate degree in secretarial science) at Kent State University. The Fund was started by Vic Myers in memory of his wife Bonnie Myers who devoted 30 years of her career in the guidance office at Barberton High School. Bonnie and her husband Vic share a passion in assisting students with their academic dreams and this scholarship continues the legacy started so long ago.

Hal Naragon Memorial Scholarship

Hal Naragon was a pillar in the Barberton community for decades and was well known for his selflessness and generosity. To all those who follow in his footsteps, his story is a testament that those who work hard can someday give back to the community that supported them. On behalf of the Naragon family, a scholarship will be given in his memory to honor BHS student athletes who embody the giving nature in which Hal will always be remembered.

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Dr. Milan Pavkov Scholarship Fund

Established in 1996, this fund honors the first chairman of the Barberton Community Foundation. Milan Pavkov was instrumental in the formation of the foundation which works to improve the lives of Barberton residents every day. A former Barberton Public Schools superintendent, Dr. Pavkov believed strongly in the value of education for all. This scholarship is awarded to Barberton High School graduates pursuing a degree in education.

Summa Barberton Hospital Medical Endowed Fund

Assists a Barberton student attending Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED). Summa Barberton doctors, the NEOUMED Foundation, and the Barberton Community Foundation partnered to make this fund a reality.

Mike and Bea Tehi Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is given to a Barberton High School senior or a student who is a resident of Barberton School District, who has demonstrated his/her integrity, has aspirations for teaching, proven quiet leadership and a strong work ethic.

“Mike continues to be our hero. He lived his whole life with integrity and character. He truly was the hardest worker we have ever known. Mike and Bea touched and helped to form so many lives over their careers. We hope that this Scholarship can continue to inspire young teachers and educators for many years to come. Together as a family we are committed to providing assistance that will make an impact on young Barberton students, just as Mr. and Mrs. Tehi did for so many students over so many years.” – The Tehi Family

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Craig Wilson Journalism Scholarship Fund

Established in 2007, this scholarship honors the memory of Craig Wilson, who worked at the Akron Beacon Journal for 51 years, from 1951 to 2002. Craig did many things for his adopted city of Barberton, two of which were related to the written word: the Power of the Pen program in Barberton Middle Schools and an essay contest sponsored by the Noon Kiwanis Club. Both of these programs continue to this day. This fund assists Barberton High School graduates majoring in journalism.

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