Foundation Fund Supports Flood Victims

Although the waters have receded, there are families in Barberton who are still recovering from the flooding in June. Barberton Community Foundation has been able to support recovery efforts through a fund called the City of Barberton Disaster Relief Charitable Fund.

We are partnering with area agencies, including Barberton Area Community Ministries (BACM) to provide meals, and Neighborhood Conservation Services (NCS) to replace basement utilities such as furnaces and hot water tanks.

Partnership is a key word at the Foundation for good reason: our work is reflected in the success of the nonprofit organizations we support. BACM provided over 20,000 meals to families in June and July.

Discussing their service, Dorothy Somerville, Executive Director of BACM said, “The need really is that great.” Many families impacted by the flooding utilized BACM, and their food stores were depleted. The Foundation donated $5,000 to BACM to help replenish their supply. “Already we have purchased 30 cases of canned corn, 600 lbs. of meat, peanut butter, soup, canned fruit, 90 dozen eggs. We’re just getting started replenishing our stores,” said Dorothy.

NCS, the second organization to receive support from the Foundation’s fund, is working to help families replace household mechanical systems affected by the flooding. “We’re really excited to be partnering with the Foundation to help residents meet their health and safety needs,” said Charles Drubel, Executive Director of NCS. “This funding will help us provide emergency repairs to HVAC, hot water tanks, or electrical systems that were affected by flooding in June.” Examples of services which NCS has provided include: replacing the furnace of a senior gentleman who had over five feet of water in his basement, and replacing the hot water tank for a family living on the South side with two young children.

Donations for the City of Barberton Disaster Relief Charitable Fund continue to be received from the community, individuals, and organizations. At the end of June, M and M Taphouse held a flood relief fundraiser, giving almost $2,000 to the fund. A woman from Florida with ties to Barberton donated online. Burton D. Morgan Foundation based in Hudson granted $10,000 to the fund.

“Thanks to our donors, the disaster relief fund is able to accomplish what it was meant to do: provide relief to Barberton families,” said Dr. Suzanne Allen, Executive Director of Barberton Community Foundation. “I want to personally thank everyone for their donation, and for their trust.” The City of Barberton Disaster Relief Charitable Fund was established by Mayor Bill Judge in 2013.

Anyone interested in donating to the disaster relief fund can go online to the Foundation’s website at or call us at 330-745-5995. If you are interested in donating directly to BACM’s food pantry, please call 330-745-3693.

(L-R) Dorothy Somerville and Dr. Suzanne Allen

M and M’s Taphouse hosted a benefit for flood relief. Proceeds were donated to the disaster relief fund.

Burton D. Morgan Foundation awarded a generous grant to the disaster relief fund.



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