Barberton Community Foundation Receives Clean Audit, Opens Game Changer Nominations and Economic Development Funding at May Board Meeting

(May 20, 2024 Barberton, Ohio) –Barberton Community Foundation’s Board of Directors met for their regular meeting on Thursday, May 16, 2024.

The meeting opened with a “mission moment” from Barberton City Schools teacher Heather Miller and AMHA representative Valerie Bechtel. Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Bechtel shared how successful a tutoring program at Van Buren Homes has become. This program is a partnership between BCSD and AMHA to provide tutoring to students at the Van Buren Homes community center. Barberton Community Foundation has funded this program as a matching grant partner with the schools for the past two years. Mrs. Miller shared that since the program’s beginnings, it has expanded from 1 to 5 teachers on site, increased to 4 days a week, and teachers see an average of 25 kids from all different grades. The students are putting in the work, too. Mrs. Miller shared that one student was able to increase her math test scores by 20 percentage points since the start of the school year.

Another key outcome is that, while the program began as an outreach initiative to AMHA families, it has become successful enough that parents from around the city are taking their kids to Van Buren Homes for tutoring. Miller said they abide by five core tenants for the program. “We provide a safe space to work, a quiet space to work,” Miller said. “We provide help. We are a continuation of their school day, and we promote a culture of learning and inclusiveness.”

The Foundation’s grant approval in February secures funding for this program through the 2024-2025 school year.


Tiffany Peters, Director of Finance reported the Foundation has received a clean audit with an unmodified opinion for the 2023 fiscal year. The board unanimously approved the Foundation’s 2023 Audited Financial Statements. Josh Gordon, Executive Director, said,


The board approved a motion to bring Brad Angeloff onto the board, pending Barberton City Council approval. Angeloff is a lifelong Barberton resident and has a strong financial background, especially in banking and economic development projects, a key focus for the Foundation. “We think he’ll make a great addition to the board,” said Gordon. “We look forward to being in a position to add his talent and expertise to our board.”

Economic Development

The Board continues to focus on initiatives benefiting downtown and economic development in Barberton. Along with Main Street Barberton funding, Newell Street Industrial Park, and Program Related Investments, the Foundation funds two programs aimed at business and building owners. The Economic Development Assistance Program (EDAP) and Downtown Rehabilitation Program (DRP) applications are open June 1-30.

Game Changers

The Board’s Development Committee is seeking nominations for the 2024 Game Changer Award. This award recognizes an individual and an organization or business that has made a positive impact on the community. Details and nominations are open now until June 10. Game Changers are recognized at the Foundation’s Annual Dinner Celebration on November 7. Make your nomination today!

Other Business

Peters announced the launch of GOfund, a new portal where donors and fund representatives can log in to an account and see fund activity, donation history, investment returns, and spendable amounts of the fund. “Adding GOfund to accommodate our donors is a significant advancement for the Foundation and our focus on technology that provides transparency and clarity for donors and fund representatives,” Gordon said.

The Health and Wellness grant cycle applications are due Monday, June 3. Grant partners should submit an LOI and complete an application in the GOapply portal. Contact Barberton Community Foundation at 330-745-5995 with questions.


About Barberton Community Foundation

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