We envision an improved quality of life for Barberton residents, now and forever.

A Force for Good in the Community

A community foundation is a nonprofit organization supported by donors with a common interest in charity and creating good in a defined geographic area. There are fewer than 800 community foundations in the U.S. – Barberton is fortunate to have its own!

From the Barberton High School to the Towpath Connector Bridge to the many students who receive college scholarships each year – Barberton Community Foundation is a proud sponsor of progress.

Types of Funds

Endowment Fund

This is a permanent fund designed to provide an ongoing source of funding for your charitable interests.

Endowment funds allow donors to support particular interest areas, specific program initiatives, or causes. Many nonprofits establish an endowment fund to grow their assets and enhance their ability to accept large and complex gifts.

Donors can establish a named permanent fund for a minimum contribution of $5,000.

Now and Forever Funds

A now and forever fund is a combination fund that is both a short-term investment for immediate needs and an endowed asset designed to last forever.

Pass-Through Funds

Pass-through funds are generally used to support a specific charitable purpose and solicit support from a broad range of donors. Non-endowed and not invested in our main investment pool, these funds are held separately and are readily available for short-term projects.

Scholarship Funds

The creation of a Scholarship Fund is attractive to many donors and can be structured to benefit students at any education level, or for a specific institution. A scholarship fund can also be established to honor a loved one. Some donors choose to stay involved through advisory relationships, while others name advisory committees to assist in the selection of recipients. Either way, our staff will handle the necessary paperwork and will ensure that scholarships are distributed in an equitable manner. Donors can establish a named scholarship fund for a minimum contribution of $5,000.

List of Funds

Common Threads Closet Endowment Fund

AAA Barberton/Ohio Auto Club Scholarship Fund

Thomas L. Angerer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Merrilee and Jimmy Anthe Fund

A.O. Austin Engineering Scholarship Fund

Barberton Alumni Physician Scholarship Fund

Barberton Area Community Ministries Pass-Through Fund

Barberton Band Boosters Endowment Fund

Barberton Band Boosters’ Henda Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund

Barberton Band Uniform Endowment Fund

Barberton Beautification Funds

Barberton Bicycle Safety Pass-Through Fund

Barberton Charities Now & Forever Fund

Barberton City Schools Synthetic Football Field Turf Fund

Barberton Community Foundation Board of Directors Scholarship Fund

Barberton Community Leadership Institute Pass-Through Fund

Barberton Elk Lodge 982 Memorial Endowment Fund for the Barberton Community Health Clinic

Barberton Elk Lodge 982 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Barberton Head Start Endowment Fund

Barberton High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund

Barberton High School Class of 1967 City Improvement Pass-Through Fund

Barberton Historical Society Pass-Through Fund

Barberton Parks Department Senior Focus Fund

Barberton Parks Department Summer Entertainment Now & Forever Fund

Barberton Parks Department Youth-In-Action Fund

Barberton PTA Council Muffet Family Scholarship Endowment Fund

Barberton PTA Council Scholarship Endowment Fund

Barberton Public Library Now & Forever Fund

Harry Bauschlinger Scholarship Fund

Ben Curtis Family Foundation Birdie Bag Fund

Larry Bidlingmyer “Mr. Bid” Outdoor Education Fund

The Brighter Barberton Fund

Karen Lee Burnette Memorial Scholarship Fund

Chicken Open Pass-Through Fund

Emilio C. Chu, M.D. Nursing Scholarship Fund

Cianciola/Macko Scholarship Fund

City of Barberton Disaster Relief Charitable Fund

City of Barberton Dog Park Now & Forever Fund

City of Barberton Safety Services Pass-Through Fund

Coalition of Concerned Christians Pass-Through Fund

James A. and Juleen Colombo Scholarship Fund

Former Mayor – Kenneth and Marjorie Cox Barberton Charitable Fund

Early Childhood Gifted Learners Now and Forever Fund

Bill & Kim Eberhardt Special Education Scholarship Fund

Emergency Response Fund

Employees of Barberton Tree Service Scholarship Fund in Honor of Keith Luck

Larry Furman Diabetes Benefit Fund

Genet Family Leadership Scholarship Fund

Dr. Douglas A. Gormley Scholarship Fund

K. Jack Greynolds Memorial Classic Fund

Harnden Family Fund for Academic Excellence

Heart of Gold Humane Fund

Holiday Elf Now and Forever Fund

Jeep Davis Olympic Hopeful Fund

Jeep Davis Youth Sports Now & Forever Fund

Matthew Kerr Scholarship Fund

Albert W. & Rose E. Kimak Charitable Foundation of Summit County, Ohio – Barberton Community Health Clinic

Lake Anna Preservation and Improvement Pass-Through Fund

Lake Anna YMCA Heritage Fund

Leach Family Scholarship Fund

Ray E. Leach, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Liddle Family First Generation Scholarship Fund

Limitless Playground Pass-through Fund

Dr. Robert Littlejohn Barberton Red Cross Endowment Fund

Dr. Robert Littlejohn Barberton Salvation Army Endowment Fund

Magic City Kiwanis/Esther Ryan Endowment Shoe Fund

The Magical Theatre Company Fund

Magics Ready to Learn Pass-Through Fund

Lois and Gary Matney Scholarship Fund

Marilyn & John May Fund for Developmentally Disabled Youth

Medical Mutual Magical Movement Pass-Through and Endowment Funds

Military Honor Roll Endowment Fund

Bonnie J. Myers College Prep Support Fund

Bonnie Joyce Myers Memorial Mum Fest Arch Fund

Bonnie Joyce Myers Memorial Scholarship Fund

Myers Family Endowed Scholarship

Hal Naragon Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Milan Pavkov Scholarship Fund

Janet & John Rehman Scholarship

Walt Ritzman Scholarship Fund

Helen and Verne Scott Scholarship Fund

The Rudy & Millie Sharkey Memorial Athletic Scholarship

Stefan-Lightner Endowment Fund

St. Vincent de Paul of St. Augustine Parish Endowment Fund

Stewart’s Caring Place Now and Forever Fund

Summa Barberton Hospital Endowment Fund

Technology Education Advancing Children’s Higher (TEACH) Achievement Now and Forever Fund

Mike and Bea Tehi Memorial Scholarship Fund

White Rabbit Galleries Scholarship Fund

Craig Wilson Journalism Scholarship Fund

Justin Winebrenner Fund

Youth Philanthropy Endowment Fund