Youth Philanthropy Endowment Fund

Ray E. Leach

This fund supports the Youth Philanthropy program in Barberton High School.

Barberton Community Foundation established the Youth Philanthropy Committee in 2000, giving youth the opportunity and legitimate authority to directly improve the lives of Barberton residents.

With funding provided by Barberton Community Foundation, a committee of selected Barberton High School students, working as a grants committee, review non-profit grant proposals, develop questions for and interview grant applicants, then make grant award decisions based on internal discussion, plus support and guidance from their advisers. Award recommendations are presented to the Barberton Community Foundation Board of Directors Grants Committee at the conclusion of the review process.

The Youth Philanthropy Committee’s mission is to exercise good stewardship, integrity, charity, leadership development and responsibility in identifying and selecting grant proposal projects that will have the greatest positive impact on the Barberton community.