Ben Curtis Family Foundation Birdie Bag Fund

Ben Curtis Family Foundation Birdie Bag Pass-Through Fund

Ray E. Leach

In 2013, Ben and Candace Curtis started the Ben Curtis Family Foundation after seeing a special on TV about food insecurity and learning about the growing problem in their hometown of Kent. The Ben Curtis Family Foundation believes it takes a village to end childhood hunger. That’s why their family is fighting this growing problem in Barberton as well as 11 other school districts in northeast Ohio.

Working closely with the Barberton School District for the fifth year they ensure any child who needs a Birdie Bag is receiving one. Each Birdie Bag contains 4 meals, 6 snacks and a travel size toiletry kit. Barberton receives between 1500-1600 bags each month during the school year as well as bags during the summer. Your support for the Barberton School District Birdie Bags will help us in our fight to alleviate child food insecurity in Barberton.