Tuscora Park Foundation announces Christine Elaine Weigand RN Memorial Scholarship

Christine Weigand

Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Foundation is proud to announce a new scholarship available this spring: the Christine Elaine Weigand RN Memorial Scholarship.

Robert Weigand started the scholarship, housed at TPHWF, to honor his wife’s legacy as a nurse and caregiver.

Christine’s nursing career is best defined by the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded.”

Indeed, Christine succeeded. She had always dreamed of being a caregiver for others and through her career as a registered nurse, she would realize this dream, “going the extra mile” for patients and touching the hearts of many.

Christine endured many personal health challenges, including juvenile diabetes and receiving a Life Banc kidney and pancreas transplant in 2006. Despite these challenges, she was an extraordinary clinician. She spent 30 years as an RN working as a charge nurse, preceptor for new RN employees, and as a care manager on the 5100 unit and in the emergency room at Akron General Medical Center (now Cleveland Clinic Akron General).

She was active in NAON (National Association of Orthopedic Nurses) and was honored with an Excellence in Nursing award during Nurses Week in 2002. She actively participated in Life Banc and Meals on Wheels.

The Christine Elaine Weigand RN Memorial Scholarship is meant to help future nurses overcome obstacles and to achieve their dreams. It provides one $2,000 scholarship each school year to a student in an accredited nursing program, who is a graduate of Barberton, Copley, Norton, Wadsworth, Rittman, Chippewa, Kenmore-Garfield, Coventry, Manchester, Northwest, or Green High School.

Robert Weigand hopes recipients will “go the extra mile” just as Christine did. He said, “If everyone went the ‘extra mile’ today, what a wonderful world we would live in.”

For a scholarship application, go online to and click on the Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Foundation’s page, or call 330-745-5995.

To make a donation to the scholarship, call 330-745-5995 or mail a check to Barberton Community Foundation at 460 W. Paige Ave. Barberton, OH 44203 make the check payable to the Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Foundation, in the memo specify the donation is made to the Christine Weigand Memorial Scholarship.


Tuscora Park Foundation Awards Nursing Scholarships

Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Foundation hosted their annual Nursing Scholarship Awards Luncheon at Summa Health System, Barberton on Monday, August 19, 2019. Six students were awarded a total of $22,000 from the Foundation. Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Foundation is proud to invest in the education of future nurses and in projects that promote health and wellness in our community.

The luncheon is an opportunity to celebrate the students, recognize their families, and meet the Foundation’s board of governors and scholarship committee members.

Dr. Douglas A. Gormley, chair of the Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Foundation, said, “It was really a pleasure interviewing the students. As a whole this is the best group of students that we’ve had. We were really impressed.”  Dr. Gormley announced each recipient and presented them with their certificate.

Renee Andrews received the Kovalchin Memorial Scholarship. Renee is a Junior in Ohio University’s nursing program. She is studying to become a registered nurse. She hopes to become a nurse practitioner, and would like to work with children.

Madeline Gay received a Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Nursing Scholarship. She is beginning her freshman year at Malone University and is studying to become a registered nurse. She said she has always liked helping people, and hopes she can help people each day as a nurse.

Heidi Hartzler received the Carol A. Storad Nursing Excellence Scholarship. She is attending the University of Akron, and this will be her first year in the nursing program. She is a graduate of Barberton High School’s Career and Technical Advancement to Nursing program, which she said gave her a lot of valuable opportunities and experiences, and has prepared her for her degree.

Tyler Mitchell received the Scholarship in Memory of Emma Rist, RN. Tyler is going to be a freshman at the University of Akron in the fall. When he was 12 years old he knew he wanted to be a nurse, and would like to work in the ER.

Kaylyn Patterson received a Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Nursing Scholarship. This fall is her final semester at Ashland University, and she is also working as a nurse technician at Cleveland Clinic Akron General. She is working in the acute cardiology department now, and would like to move into trauma once she has more experience.

Jillian Semonin received a Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Nursing Scholarship. She expects to graduate from the University of Akron in May, 2020. She is currently working at Cleveland Clinic Akron General with their medical/surgical team. She would like to work with the intensive care unit once she graduates.

Four students, Jillian, Kaylyn, Heidi, and Tyler all attended Barberton High School’s Career and Technical Advancement to Nursing program. The program aims to prepare students for careers in nursing, by giving them hands-on experience. Barberton teachers Cindy Boswell and Debbie Ritz were present to congratulate their students.

Barberton Community Foundation is the administrator for Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Foundation. From everyone at Barberton Community Foundation and Tuscora Park, we say, “Congratulations students!”

(L-R) Dr. Douglas A. Gormley, Kaylyn Patterson, Heidi Hartzler, Mary Jo Goss, Jillian Semonin, Diana Stevenson, Renee Andrews, Tyler Mitchell, Mike Moldvay, Madeline Gay

2015 Academic Recognition Scholarship Program | Recipients

Congratulations, Class of 2015!

The Barberton Community Foundation’s (BCF) high school scholarship program was implemented in 1997 to assist Barberton High School graduates reach their educational goals. As one of the Foundation’s signature community investments, the program recognizes students’ academic achievement and helps propel promising students into the pursuit of higher education.

On Monday evening, the BCF and its fund holders awarded many students with scholarships at the Academic Recognition Scholarship Program that took place at Barberton High School. The current program awards over $100,000 annually to each graduating class. This program includes awards for Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude along with special recognition awards for excellence in character and talent. Implemented in 2014, renewable scholarships are awarded to students not designated cum laude but those that received a 21 or higher on their ACT. This year, 13 of these students were recognized. Additionally, five students were selected to receive a ‘First Generation’ Scholarship – awarded to students who are the first in their families to receive a Bachelor’s degree.

Muffet Family Memorial Scholarship – Abbey Carneal and Emily Young

AAA Ohio Auto Club Scholarship
– Morgan Dent, Jess Lee, Dan Daunhauer, Cameron Cromer

Barberton Band Boosters Henda Jones Memorial Scholarship
– Joanna Hrepcak, Michael Hodgen, Emily Dunkler, David Jenkins

Thomas L. Angerer Memorial Scholarship – Austin Bates

James A. and Juleen Colombo Scholarship – Brittany Hill

Harry J. Bauschlinger Memorial Scholarship – Morgan Kadilak and Michael Hodgen

Robert Genet Leadership Scholarship – Abbey Carneal

Dr. Milan Pavkov Scholarship – Sarah Bittinger

Barberton Elk Lodge 982 Memorial Scholarship
– Drew Berlin and Katelyn Craft

Dr. Douglas A. Gormley Scholarship – Lydia Weaver

A.O. Austin Engineering Scholarship – Andrew Needs

Leach Family Scholarship – Austin Bates

Barberton Community Foundation Board of Directors Scholarship – Christopher Gray

Barberton High School Alumni Association Scholarship – Lindsey Krska and Perry Johnson

Lois and Gary Matney Scholarship – Abigale Raber

Cianciola/Macko Scholarship – Eric Mitchell and Shannon Wilson

Outstanding Character – Nicholas Chiswell, Collin Long, Kaylyn Patterson, Brittany Yanders

Excellence in the Arts – Joanna Hrepcak

Excellence in Athletics – Luke Holcomb and Emily Young

ACT Achievers’ Scholarship

Drew Berlin
Alexis Macko
Jenna Cramer
Ronald Monroe
Nicholas Chiswell
Abigale Raber
Dan Daunhauer
Adrianna Schultz
Makenna Garner
Nathaniel Steinhour
Andrew Hull
Destiny Styer
Daysha Keyes

First Generation Scholarship

Cameron Cromer
Kristian Kowaleski
Luke Dantz
Lataisha Jones
Morgan Dent

Cum Laude | With Honor

John August
Lindsey Krska
Abbey Carneal
Rylee Lappin
Cameron Cromer
Eric Mitchell
Zachery Gosen
Collin Long
Joanna Hrepcak
Kaylyn Patterson
Michael Hodgen
Jessica Richiutti
Perry Johnson
Brooke Tokie
Macy Kaisk
Shannon Wilson

Magna Cum Laude | With Great Honor

Austin Bates
Jillian Semonin
Sarah Bittinger
Heather Sykes
Kyle Haywood
Coree Ullman
Kellee Hudak
Shira Vano
Riley Ries
Kaitlin Webster
Lauren Light
Brittany Yanders
Logan Seifert
Emily Young

Summa Cum Laude | With Highest Honor

Jelena Bundalo
Luke Holcomb
Emily Burns
David Jenkins
Nathan Cacioppo
Lataisha Jones/su_column]
Nicholas Cacioppo
Jess Lee
Luke Dantz
Andrew Needs
Morgan Dent
Daniel Sabljak
Emily Dunkler
Meghan Stobaugh
Brittany Hill
Lydia Weaver

For information on scholarship renewals, please click here.