A community foundation is a non-profit organization supported by donors with a common interest in charity and creating good in a defined geographic area. There are fewer than 800 community foundations in the U.S. – Barberton is fortunate to have its own!

From the Barberton High School to the Towpath Connector Bridge to the many students who receive college scholarships each year – Barberton Community Foundation is a proud sponsor of progress.

Fund Categories

Designated – As the donor, you may support one or more specific charitable organizations that benefit Barberton.[/su_tab]
Field of Interest – As the donor, you choose to invest in a specific cause or initiative you wish to support that benefits Barberton.
Scholarship – As the donor, you may set up a fund that assists Barberton residents with the cost of higher education.

List of Funds

Many individuals, families, businesses and organizations have created charitable legacies by establishing funds at Barberton Community Foundation. We are honored to serve as the steward of these gifts, and grateful for the opportunity to help these donors make their personal philanthropy meaningful and fulfilling.


The Foundation currently offers more than 80 funds benefiting a wide range of interests: education, social services, citywide beautification, economic development, the arts and much more. There are countless ways for you to help make Barberton a better place to live, work and play. Consider giving a gift to one or more of the funds to help our community thrive.

  • Step 1: Identify your charitable goals. Do you want your fund to be permanent (endowed)? Will there be restrictions to a field of interest or a specific agency? We offer a variety of types of funds that are flexible to meet your individual needs.
  • Step 2: Decide if you wish to participate in grantmaking decisions or leave that work up to the Foundation’s community experts.
  • Step 3: Determine what type of assets will be used to establish the fund. Donors have many options, so you decide what works best for you.
  • Step 4: Decide when to give. Are you are able to make an outright gift now or do you wish to consider using a planned gift to establish the fund?
  • Step 5: Finalize the gift by choosing the fund’s name and recommending how to invest it. A donor will sign a simple fund agreement letter provided by the staff and arrange to transfer assets to the Foundation. A minimum amount is needed to establish most funds. That amount may be built up over time.

Contact us to see what kind of an impact a gift today can have on our community now and forever — try it and see for yourself how valuable a fund at Barberton Community Foundation can be!

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Barberton Community Foundation Fund Listings

(As of 8/1/16)

Fund NameFund TypeInterest Area(s)
A.O. Austin Engineering Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
AAA Barberton/Ohio Auto Club Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Merrilee and Jimmy Anthe FundEndowedFighting Hunger, Helping Hands
Albert W. & Rose E. Kimak Charitable Fnd. Of Summit County, Ohio Barberton Community Health ClinicEndowedMedical Care & Health
Barberton Area Community MinistriesNow & ForeverFighting Hunger, Helping Hands
Barberton Band Boosters Henda Jones Memorial Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Barberton Beautification Pass Through FundPass ThroughCulture & Events, Beautify Our World
Barberton Beautification Endowed FundEndowedBeautify Our World
Barberton Bicycle Safety Pass Through FundPass ThroughHelping Hands
Barberton City Schools Synthetic Football Field Turf FundPass-throughAthletic Legacy & Programs
Barberton Community Foundation Board of Directors Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Barberton Community Health Clinic Pass Through FundPass ThroughMedical Care & Health
Barberton Community Health Clinic Endowed FundEndowedMedical Care & Health
Barberton Elk Lodge 982 Memorial Endowment Fund for the Barberton Community Health ClinicEndowedMedical Care & Health
Barberton Elk Lodge 982 Memorial Scholarship FundNow & ForeverScholarship
Barberton Head Start Endowment FundEndowedLearning Opportunities
Barberton High School Alumni Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Barberton High School Class of 1967 City Improvement Pass-Through FundPass-throughHelping Hands
Barberton Historical Society Pass Through FundPass ThroughPreserving History
Barberton Historical Society Endowment FundEndowedPreserving History
Barberton Parks Department Senior Focus FundNow & ForeverHelping Hands
Barberton Parks Department Summer Entertainment Now & Forever FundNow & ForeverCulture & Events
Barberton Parks Department Youth in Action Now & Forever FundNow & ForeverAthletic Legacy & Programs
Barberton PTA Council Muffet Family Scholarship Endowment FundScholarship/EndowedScholarship
Barberton Public Library Endowment FundNow & ForeverPromoting Literacy
Barberton Salvation Army Now & ForeverHelping Hands
Barberton Skate Park Now & Forever FundNow & ForeverCulture & Events
Bill and Kim Eberhardt Special Education Scholarship Fund ScholarshipScholarship
Bonnie J. Myers College Prep Support FundEndowedLearning Opportunities
Bonnie Joyce Myers Memorial Mum Fest Arch FundEndowedCulture & Events
Bonnie Joyce Myers Memorial Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Chicken Open Pass-Through FundPass-throughHelping Hands
City of Barberton Safety Services Pass-Through FundPass-throughHelping Hands
Cianciola/Macko Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Coalition of Concerned Christians Pass Through FundPass ThroughFighting Hunger, Helping Hands
Craig Wilson Journalism Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Dr. Douglas A. Gormley Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Dr. Milan Pavkov Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Dr. Robert Littlejohn Barberton Red Cross Endowment FundEndowedDisaster & Crisis Relief, Helping Hands
Dr. Robert Littlejohn Barberton Salvation Army Endowment FundEndowedHelping Hands
Early Childhood Gifted Learners Now & ForeverLearning Opportunities
Emilio C. Chu, M.D. Nursing Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Esther Ryan Endowment FundEndowedHelping Hands
Former Mayor - Kenneth & Majorie Cox Barberton Charitable Donor Advised FundEndowedHelping Hands
Genet Family Leadership Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Greynolds Family Magics Basketball Pay it Forward FundNow & ForeverHelping Hands
Harnden Family Fund for Academic ExcellenceEndowedEducation
Harry Bauschlinger Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Heart of Gold Humane FundPass-throughFor Our Furry Friends
Helen & Verne Scott Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Holiday Elf Now & Forever FundNow & ForeverHelping Hands
James A. & Juleen Colombo Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Jeep Davis Olympic Hopeful FundEndowedAthletic Legacy & Programs
Jeep Davis Youth Sports Now & Forever FundNow & ForeverAthletic Legacy & Programs
Jim & Kay Stonkus Barberton Betterment FundPass-throughHelping Hands
John and Ruth Wagner Pass-Through FundPass-throughHelping Hands, Lake Anna
Justin Winebrenner FundNow & ForeverHelping Hands
K. Jack Greynolds Memorial Classic FundPass-throughMedical Care & Health
Karen Lee Burnette Scholarship ScholarshipScholarship
Lake Anna YMCA Heritage FundEndowed Helping Hands
Lake Anna Preservation & Improvement Pass Through FundPass-throughBeautify Our World
Larry Bidlingmyer Memorial Bike Ride Pass Through FundPass-throughHelping Hands
Larry Bidlingmyer "Mr. Bid" Outdoor Education FundEndowedLearning Opportunities
Larry Furman Diabetes Benefit FundEndowedMedical Care & Health
Leach Family Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Limitless Playground Pass-Through FundPass-Through Helping Hands
Lois & Gary Matney Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Magical Theatre Company FundEndowedArts, Culture & Events
Marilyn & John May Fund for Developmentally Disabled YouthEndowedHelping Hands
Matthew Kerr Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Medical Mutual Magical Movement Pass Through FundPass-throughHelping Hands, Culture & Events
Medical Mutual Magical Movement Endowment FundEndowedHelping Hands, Culture & Events
Military Honor Roll Endowment FundEndowedPreserving History
Russ Pry Law ScholarshipScholarshipScholarship
St. Vincent de Paul of St. Augustine Parish Endowment FundEndowedFighting Hunger, Helping Hands
Summa Barberton Hospital Endowment FundEndowedLearning Opportunities
TEACH Achievement Now & Forever FundNow & ForeverLearning Opportunities
The Brighter Barberton FundPass-throughHelping Hands
The City of Barberton Disaster Relief Charitable FundPass-throughDisaster & Crisis Relief, Helping Hands
The City of Barberton Dog Park Now & Forever FundNow & ForeverFor Our Furry Friends
The Liddle Family First Generation Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship
Thomas L. Angerer Memorial Scholarship FundScholarshipScholarship

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